It is said that the year beast will appear on New Year’s Eve. To expel the year beast away, the farmers knocked on the boilers to make a huge sound. Waving the beast head that made from bamboo and orb body that made from the cotton material. Therefore, the year beast is so frightened of it, then escape away to the mountain, never ever appeared again. In order to commemorate this victory, the farmers will dress up the dancing dragon costume becomes the custom, dancing on every New Year’s Eve until New Year’s Day to ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year. In addition, since the lion is an auspicious animal, so they named this beast head "Rui Shi".

In Taiwan, Azalea and Cherry blossom florescence is before and after the Spring Festival, visitors from Taiwan and over the world will come to Yang-Ming park to revisit their memory of their youth. The Yangmingshan Flower Festival has been half of the century, already become an annual event.

The Yangmingshan Flower Festival has already become an important cultural symbol of Yangmingshan community, since the citizens enjoy the cherry blossom festival, Taipei city park and street light office let the Flower festival leading role ‘’Cherry Blossom’’ coordinate the New Year Festivals and the year beast legendary story, also manufacture environmental regeneration equipment product. Eventually, another important cultural symbol ‘’dance cherry loin’’ grand launch of Yangmingshan community.