Sharing Books Under Cherry Tree

03/04(SUN) 10:00-16:00


Tea Party With Book Exchanged

Afternoon Tea Party x Book Exchange x Reading Corner: This is the first time we have held a combination of a afternoon tea and book exchange, providing a totally new experience. We especially collaborated with Taiwan National Library and hope create a good atmosphere to read outdoors. We have also invited “Love Pun Car” to bring us a variety of delicious foods for everyone to choose from and enjoy! Please invite family and friends and sign up!

Free Cherry Blossom Tea will be served at the event (to remain environmentally friendly, please bring your own cup).

Acceptance Standards (Books): 

1、All books wholly preserved, without damage or marks, that do not violate copyright laws can be exchanged.

2、However, textbooks from below university academic levels, magazines, promotions, religious doctrines, gifted books, test preparation books, listening-based books (unless they are subsidiary to non-listening books), books that are borrowed or rented, and non-continuous graphic novels, or books that the organizers have deemed as non-exchangeable cannot used exchanged in this activity.

Method of Book Exchange:

1、Bring your books in person to the event for exchange. Each book can be exchanged for a single book and a person can exchange up to five books.

2、The books remaining (us exchanged) after the event will be gathered and processed by Inthink Creative Co.

Gift to Participants: Those who sign up first will receive limited edition Mister Donut donuts.

Activities Gifts (Limited): Those who participate in the event and take a tagged picture can receive a limited edition cherry blossom bookmark. They are limited!

  • Schedule


    • 10:00 - 10:05 Flash Dance Opening Performance
      Flash Dance Opening Performance
    • 10:05 - 16:00 Cherry Blossom Tea Ceremony; Book Exchange

      Activities Gift Reception; Second Hand Books Exchange
    • 16:00 - Closing Ceremony

      End of Activities